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        Bending a tube can be a difficult and complex problem; a problem we suspect many of our prospective customers have encountered from time to time.  We specialize in supplying tubular and solid raw materials, and bending all tubular shapes, channels, angles, solids, and extrusions of any malleable alloy.  Given this specialization, we are well-focused, and our service is well-defined.  However, since tubing is such a ubiquitous product, our narrow specialization has exposed us to an interesting and broad array of customers, and applications from fighter jets to butterfly nets.


        We have mandrel, compression, and ram benders, rolling machines, and end-forming equipment.  To complement our bending and forming operations, we offer full fabrication services, including welding and finishing.  We also have a nicely appointed machine shop, both in support of our operation, and for contract work.  We design, build, and develop the tooling necessary for any special applications in-house.  We do prototypes, small quantities, or production runs, and welcome blanket orders to be delivered on a Just in Time (JIT) basis.


        Many companies have need for tubular fabrication only occasionally.  Since tube bending equipment is expensive and single-purposed, few companies can justify the equipment, expertise, and learning curve associated with efficiently doing the work in their own facility.  When the decision is made to buy, rather than make tube assemblies, Tubular Techniques is in business to make that decision a wise one.

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